Ensure your turtle lives a long and happy life with the complete turtle care guide


Buy Turtle GuideDo you want to learn how to give your turtle all the care it needs to stay happy and healthy? Are you looking to buy a turtle but you are not sure you can give it the correct care?

Well, with my complete turtle care guide you can now find out everything you need to know:

  • The care your turtle needs to thrive
  • Setting up the perfect turtle environment
  • Spotting and treating turtle illnesses
  • How to hibernate a turtle
  • Successfully breeding baby turtles
  • How to train a turtle to your touch and voice

I have taken my years of experience looking after turtles and combined all my knowledge in to one handy guide that will act as your first point of reference for all things turtle related. Every purchase comes with a 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee meaning you can buy today with absolutely no risk.

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I have a terrapin, will this guide still help me?

Of course! Although the guide always refers to turtles, a terrapin is in fact the axact same animal. It's just that in the UK turtles kept as pets are generally called terrapins. This is just a language difference and no way effects how useful the Turtle guide will be to you!

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Turtle Book with GuaranteeIn addition to the main guide you will also receive 2 free bonus guides (limited time offer).

One on how to remove and prevent algae in your turtles homes and another on the common illnesses that effect turtles and how you can stop them from harming your turtle.

In total thats 85 pages packed full of helpful, interesting, and fun information.

Customer Testimonial – Kristy, New Jersey, USA

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This makes the Turtle Guide Book your perfect companion for becoming an expert turtle keeper. Below you can see a list of what you will recieve for one very low cost:

The Complete Turtle Care Guide Contains:


Chapter 1 – Introduction & Is a Turtle the Right Pet for you?
Chapter 2 – Common Turtle Profiles
Chapter 3 – Getting Started with your Turtle
Chapter 4 – Providing Ongoing Care for your Turtle
Chapter 5 – Breeding Turtles

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Chapter 6 – Looking After your Turtles Health
Chapter 7 – Turtle Behaviour and Activity
Chapter 8 – Training a Turtle
Chapter 9 – Summary & Turtle Quiz
Chapter 10 – Summary
Chapter 11 – Best Buys
Chapter 12 – Turtle Quiz
Chapter 13 – Useful Turtle Links
Bonus Mini Guide 1 – Fighting Algae in Turtle Aquariums
Bonus Mini Guide 2 – Emergency First Aid for Turtles
All this from just $19.95 (Limited Time Offer)
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Turtle Care GuideWe all know that to become the perfect pet owner you need to have a lot of time and love for your pet. Above all, you need a lot of knowledge.

Pets cannot talk and so it is vital you understand their needs and the subtle signs that show the happiness or otherwise of your animal.

Like many other turtle owners, you have probably struggled to find enough quality information to help you look after your turtle properly. No longer do you have to worry about what your turtle is trying to tell you.

My guide contains a chapter dedicated to turtle behaviour so you can spot straight away if anything is wrong with your turtle. This can not only save you money in veterinarian bills but it could also save your turtles life.

Some of the common turtle questions the guide will answer:

  • What kind of turtle do I have?
  • What is the perfect temperature and diet for my turtle?
  • How to keep turtles happy and healthy?
  • What are the best practices for keeping turtles and terrapins?
  • What are the different turtle types?
  • What are the key turtle facts?

        Whether you already have, or are looking to buy a red eared slider, yellow belly slider, box turtle, loggerhead turtle, or a long neck turtle – this guide will help you care for your pet turtle with expert information.

Customer Testimonial – William Worth, USA

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Now is the time to take action and give your turtle the love and care it deserves. Buy my guide today and receive everything you need to keep your turtle happy and healthy for many years to come.

Survey Result: Overall Rating of the Turtle Guide Book

Best Turtle Book

Of the customers surveyed 94% of them rated the Turtle Guide Book as either good or very good with the remaining 6% rating it as average. Not one person surveyed rated the guide as poor or very poor showing the superior quality of the guide.

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Turtle Book with GuaranteeFrom just $19.95 it's an incredibly low cost for a guide that will last for your turtles lifetime.

You spend more then that on a good meal out and it works out at a cost of just 29 cents per page. This makes it amazing value for your money.

Every purchase comes with a full 60 day no questions asked guarantee.

This makes your purchase completely risk free, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, simply contact me and get your money back.

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