Reduce money spent on vet bills and even
save your turtle's life


The Turtle Guide Book is packed full of information, tips and advice to help you become a better turtle keeper. Whether you are considering buying your first turtle or have owned one for years my guide has everything you ever need to know.


Benefit 1 – Keep your turtle healthy without spending a fortune

Turtle Care GuideWith the knowledge you will gain from the Turtle Guide Book you will be able to save money on keeping your turtle healthy. Helping you to spot, cure and prevent illnesses before they require attention from a veterinarian will avoid costly bills.

The guide will also show you how you can Incorporate unused food from around your house in to your turtles daily diet will save you even more money.

The Turtle Guide Book will show you how to give the best care for your pet turtle without having to spend a fortune.


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Customer Testimonial – Maria, Argentina

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Benefit 2 – Become an expert and a perfect 'parent' to your turtle

Turtle Book with GuaranteeWith any pet comes responsibility and turtles are no different. You have to know as much as possible about your turtles needs and behaviour if you are to give it the care it needs for a long and happy life.

The Turtle Guide Book is able to take you from complete beginner to expert owner with its 85 pages of jam-packed content.

This knowledge will not only help you become more confident about keeping a turtle but it will also help you be a better 'parent' to your pet. With the help of the Turtle Guide Book you will even be able to impress your friends and family with your in-depth knowledge of all things turtle related!


Survey Result: Has the Turtle Guide Book helped you….

Turtle Information

Of the customers surveyed an amazing 100% agreed that the guide helped them become more knowledgable about turtles.


Benefit 3 – Learn to train your turtle for hours of fun for you both

Some people will tell you that because a turtle cannot be taken for a walk and cannot be hugged and stroked that it is not an interesting pet.

With the help of the Turtle Guide Book you can show them they are wrong. Learn to train your turtle to respond to a certain noise and be tame to your touch.

You can even find out how you can play games with your turtle that will keep both you and your pet amused for hours.


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Benefit 4 – Find out how to safely and effectively breed turtles

Is a turtle the right pet for you?For any pet owner breeding is often seen as something only for the experts. The reality is that with a bit of knowledge anyone can breed turtles.

With the Turtle Guide Book you will learn all about the mating rituals, egg laying, and how to take the eggs right through to hatchlings and healthy adult turtles.

Thanks to the guide you can now become confident enough to start breeding your turtles and look on in amazement when the first eggs hatch. Who knows maybe you will supplement your income by becoming a turtle breeder?


Testimonial # 54 – Grace, N. Carolina, USA

"Since turtles can be rather sensitive reptiles, it is even more important to know about how to properly care for your lovable reptiles.


Thanks to the Turtle Guide Book my ten year old and I are now able
to find food around the house and keep their tank cleaner.


We've also made a special little pond in the back yard with rocks on the bottom, where they LOVE to sun themselves. Thanks again for a great book!"


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Benefit 5 – Identify any turtle and know it's exact requirements

Many people acquire turtles and do not know the breed or even sex of their new pet. If you are one of these people you can now find out thanks to the common turtle profiles included in the Turtle Guide Book.

After reading the guide you will be able to help other people identify their turtles and become the knowledgable expert in any turtle community.


Plus, hundreds more benefits….

Turtle Book with GuaranteeThere are so many benefits you will gain from reading the Turtle Guide Book that it's impossible to detail them all here.

By far and away being able to identify and cure illnesses and knowing the exact ongoing care your turtle needs are the biggest benefits available to you when you buy online today.

However, you will also benefit from learning how to construct the perfect turtle living space, knowing which foods give your turtle the vitamins it needs, being able to transport your turtle safely even in cold weather, plus much, much more.


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Is a turtle the right pet for you?


If you are serious about turtles then this guide is the perfect addition to your book collection. Highly detailed yet easy to follow and incredibly informative, the Turtle Guide Book can become your one stop turtle encylopedia but only if you take action and order today.


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