Caring for Turtles

Turtle Care GuideTurtles are one of the oldest reptilian species in the world. They have been around for millions of years but only recently they have acquired value as a house pet.A baby turtle is cute and extremely fascinating to the children. Like any other pet turtles too have their own special needs. Caring for turtles may not be as complicated as other type of pets but unless they are kept well the turtle may die in captivity.

When you bring a baby turtle home the turtle care will depend on the species you have brought. Mostly turtles use both water and land as habitat like Musk turtle, red eared slider turtle but some turtles like a box turtle live outside the water.


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Turtle habitat


Most of the time people get pet turtles which live both in land and water so they have to prepare the pet’s living area accordingly. You may have to keep your turtle indoor but you can always recreate a natural living environment for the pet. Caring for turtles involves getting a tank to keep it in. as a baby your turtle may need smaller tank like a 20 gallon one but as they grow you will have to increase the size to a 40 gallon tank. There should be water area and land area to create a natural environment. Put some rocks around the water so that the turtle can come out and bask. For basking you have to put special lights to maintain the body heat of the pet. It may vary from species to species but on an average 80 degree for daytime and 70 degree for night should be enough.


Turtle care also includes seeing to their diet. As a baby turtles would eat insects, berries , mushroom, tomatoes, bananas, lettuce, worms and fish. The turtle’s diet should consist of nutrient rich food like crickets, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables etc.



Cleanliness of the turtle’s living area is an important part of caring for turtles. It is best to use spring water for drinking and de-chlorinated water to fill the tank. The tank should be filtered daily as turtles are messy eaters and contaminate the water. If it is not cleaned the turtle might develop some disease from living in dirty surroundings. You must remove feces and other debris from the water and the surrounding areas. Clean the turtle daily to remove food particles from its body and shell as a part of turtle care.


Love and care

Another important tip for turtle care is to wash your hand every time you touch your pet turtle. It is not wise to let the turtle free for the kids to play around with. Your pet may fall sick if it is taken out of its environment. Turtles are intelligent enough to understand the love and care you lavish on them. Be sure to do this while caring for turtles. If your turtle is happy it lives longer and will be a source of enjoyment for your family for a long time.


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Is a turtle the right pet for you?


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