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Turtle Care GuideTurtles are not as easy to care for as one likes to think. Certainly they are not as involved as dogs or cats may be but people tend to think feeding them occasionally and letting them ‘get on with it’ is about all it takes.Turtles are not that easy. I wish they were but there is a lot to learn about them.The foods they eat, the types of habitat they live in, how to care for them medically and so forth all entail a certain level of background knowledge for successful pet-care.


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Is a turtle the right pet for you?


As a new turtle mommy or daddy you first have to realize that turtles are not disposable pets. They are animals that feel, live and grow – just like their fuzzy counterparts. And your first step on the road of turtle ownership is simply knowing the various types of turtles you can buy. Turtle Book with GuaranteeOne of the most common pet turtles you can purchase is a box turtle. They are found all over the world in varying geographical regions. The box turtle does not typically grow any larger than six inches. Size matters in the turtle world when it comes down to the habitat of the turtle but since box turtles stay small you can have several in a habitat without over crowding the living conditions.


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You can tell the difference between male and female box turtles by the size of the tails because the males generally have longer tails than the females. The natural habitat of the box turtle is typically a forest or a field near a water source. They are omnivores and will eat small insects and certain meats as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. They live their entire lives not far from where they were born – typically an area the size of a football field or less.


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Is a turtle the right pet for you?


The second type, the red-eared sliders, are widely popular as a pet turtle. They can be found from Virginia Beach to Florida and as far west as New Mexico and in the southern part of Brazil. Slider turtles come in varying sizes from the smallest being about five inches to the largest growing to about a foot with the female of the species being larger than the male.

Slider turtles love living near ponds, marshes and soft bottom lakes with dense vegetation. Slider turtles exclusively eat meat when they are babies but become more omnivorous as they mature.

They will continue to eat some meat like chicken, fish, crayfish and earthworms but the dietary focus will shift to plants and various vegetables like broccoli florets, lettuce and some fruit.


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