Does the Turtle Guide Book have a guarantee? Find out with my comprehensive FAQ’s


Do you have questions about the Turtle Guide Book and how it can help you? Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions about the guide. If you do not find the answer to your question here please contact me.



I own a terrapin will the guide still help me?

Absolutely! Turtles and terrapins are actually the same animal but in the UK turtles that are kept as pets are normally called terrapins. This leads to quite a lot of confusion but rest assured, when I refer to a turtle I am also referring to terrapins. Its just a language difference between the UK and other countries.


Does the Turtle Guide Book cover tortoises too?

Although the Turtle Guide Book does cover some land-dwelling turtles such as box turtles, there are just too many species of tortoises and turtles to cover them all. Primarily the guide is about caring for aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles but there is also a fair amount of information on land-dwelling turtles.

You may find the guide useful if you own a tortoise but I would advise you to contact me before purchasing to find out how much your species is covered.


What species of turtles does the guide cover?

The guide covers all species of turtles. Because there are set procedures for caring for aquatic, semi-aquatic and land dwelling turtles it doesn’t really matter what kind of turtle you have – the guide will still be useful for you.


Does the guide contain pictures as well as text?

Of course! Throughout the guide there are pictures to illustrate everything. From photos of turtles through to images that show the perfect turtle aquarium, you will be able to learn a lot just from studying the images!


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What if I don’t like the guide, can I get my money back?

Yes! Providing you let me know within 60 days of purchase you can claim a refund under my no questions asked money-back guarantee. Of course I am very confident you will enjoy the guide but this gives you the security that your purchase is entirely risk-free.


How do I get the guide after purchase?

As soon as your payment is processed you will be forwarded to a special download page to claim your guide. All 3 guides will be instantly delivered in PDF format. If you do not have any software that is able to read PDFs you can download Adobe Acrobat for free. Everything you need will be give to you when you complete your purchase.

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