Information on turtles and terrapins

Turtle Care GuideIn America the term turtle is used to lump many species together. Basically if it lives on land and water it’s a turtle.The only real difference is when they talk about a tortoise as this species of turtle is entirely terrestrial just as sea turtles are almost wholly aquatic (except for coming out on to the beach to lay their eggs).

Here I will give you some valuable information on turtles and terrapins.

If you are caring for a turtle a good mixture of salt to water is ¼ cup table salt to each gallon of water. Many pet stores these days have a salt water tank where they can fill up jugs of water for you to use at home.


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In contrast, a terrapin is a turtle that enjoys life in fresh water. Tap water is not a good source of water for them unless it is filtered. You can also consider boiling the water prior to using it to kill any microbes.


Finding information on turtles and terrapins

If you have a turtle and you don’t know if it belongs on land, in water or both one way to tell is by looking at their feet. If the turtle is meant purely for water then you can tell because all of their feet are webbed. The semi-aquatic variety will have webbed feet in the back but flippers up front so you can tell they swim in the water as well as climb up on land. Of course pure land turtles (tortoises) will have no flippers or webbed feet.

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All turtles require a proper diet. Giving them turtle food from the pet store is not a bad idea but it should not make up the majority of their diet. Turtles like a variety of food but at the same time keep the size of the turtle in mind when giving them food. Turtle Book with GuaranteeSmall turtles won’t eat anything that won’t be able to fit in their mouth. As babies, turtles enjoy eating meat more because they need the protein to grow big and strong. They enjoy crayfish and small insects and you can also feed them cooked turkey and chicken. Beef, too, should be cooked first to rid it of fat as fat can carry or act as a Petri dish for diseases. Sunlight is an important part of the life of your turtle. They need unfiltered sunlight in order to allow their bodies to process food to maintain their shell life and to heal from injuries.


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Is a turtle the right pet for you?


They should be taken out every day to roam in the sunlight or be near an open window. If you choose to have them at an open window be sure to have the top on the cage to avoid possible predator attacks.

Both turtles and terrapins alike love to bask under the sun or under a heat lamp. Place an ultraviolet, or UV, light over a basking rock in their habitat.

They will climb out of the water, on to the rock and stay there warming themselves until they are ready to dive back in to the water. Turtles also need their water to be heated to around 85 degrees and no lower than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


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