Naming a Turtle

Turtle Care GuideKeeping pets is one of the greatest hobbies. Dogs, birds, cats, fish, rats, and many more animals are kept as pets by people world-wide.Looking after pets is considered as excellent stress buster and way to pass time. By just watching them, one can learn a lot about their behaviors and habits.

Turtles are adorable pets. But a pet without any name…? No way…!! Else how will you identify your favorite timid turtle ‘Terry’ from the angry young ‘Sumo’ which is always ready to snap your finger?

Or the old Granny ‘Victoria’ that does not want to leave the sunny courtyard till it feels cold? The hatchlings cannot be left behind, name them, and see how different they are from each other.

‘Torty’, the most obedient turtle in your vivarium, feels very happy when you bring his favorite meal, small bits of shrimps. ‘Zeiko’, the ever hungry turtle hardly gives any chance to ‘Tootsy’ and ‘Tango’ to grab the lunchtime goodies. Well, ‘Shelly’ and ‘Starry’ are good friends from the beginning but they never allow ‘Hardy’ and ‘Laurel’ to cross their territory; indeed very possessive, isn’t it?


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What about the bunch of hatchlings? Small, cute, sweet looking baby turtles, of the size of coins! Names?… Well…, how about ‘Tacky’, ‘Jolly’, ‘Trombo’, ‘Charley’, ‘Boon’, ‘Tim’, ‘Thaddy’, ‘Telsy’, ‘Soppy’, ‘Tippy’, ‘Tappy’, ‘Toopy’, and Hoody? ‘Buddy’ is not bad either, eh? Some oriental people may prefer ‘Chi-chi’, ‘Mekh-mekh’, ‘Ming-ming’ or ‘Chow-chow’!     

If you are a music or dance lover then your turtle can have some singsong names. For example, ‘Curly-Burley’, ‘Rolly-Polly’, ‘Muffin-Puffin’, ‘Toto-Moto’, ‘Bizzy-Buzzy’, ‘Ding-Dong’, …and many more.

Football fans may not stand behind. Names for their turtles can also be as energetic as their heroes, no matter how slow their turtles crawl! Try calling them ‘Becks’, ‘Diego’, ‘Ronaldo’ or ‘Rooney’. The name of the all-time great footballer ‘Pele’ will be pretty fascinating! The turtle will no doubt feel proud.

Can the names of pet turtles of an Egyptologist be anything better than ‘Pharaoh’, ‘Cleopatra’ or ‘Sphinx’? And believe it or not, turtles can also be named after some one’s favorite dishes…like ‘Cheese-ball’, ‘Choco-bar’, ‘Coffee-toffee’, ‘Spicy’, ‘Soupy’, ‘Dough-nut’, ‘Sweet-Sago , ‘Ice-cream’ or ‘Mr. Nugget’. Try it out!  

Turtle names in this computer-age can be more techno-type too? When everyone is running after electronic gadgets, can’t the pet turtle crawl after them? So, think of ‘Lap-top’, ‘Webby’, ‘I-pod’, ‘Robo-turt’, ‘Asimov’ or ‘Tech-tonic’.

OH MY GOSH! What a Turty name-game…!!!


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