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Turtle Care GuideTaking on the responsibility of turtle ownership is not an easy process but with this article you will have a much better understanding of how to properly care for and raise your new family member.


Turtle Housing

Try to duplicate the turtle’s natural habitat as closely as possible. You have to think about the future of your turtle so plan ahead. If you care for it and feed it properly the turtle can grow to be pretty large so start off with a tank that is at least 29 gallons.


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Is a turtle the right pet for you?


The turtle is going to need plenty of water to swim in and enough land to bask comfortably on as well. Some foliage and other green cover is definitely a plus. And do not usually keep your turtles unprotected outside. If you have other pets keep a lid on top of the aquarium.


Heating Your Turtle Aquarium

A heat source must be present in the aquarium. The heat should be maintained between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. A small lamp for heating should be placed over the basking area. Turn the lamp on during the day and off during the night in order to simulate day and night hours.

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Turtle Book with GuaranteeIn order for a water turtle to properly process calcium as well as assimilate food and for repairing scrapes and cuts real, unfiltered sunlight is important. This means taking the turtle out of the aquarium and letting it roam the ground but be sure there is a shaded area nearby.



Feeding Your Turtles

Most turtles should be fed directly in water because otherwise they will not be able to swallow. The turtle’s diet should consist mainly of lean and cooked meats as a baby turtle with more and more leafy greens and even fruit added as the turtle gets older. Many turtles love bananas as a nice treat. Their diet is best when you make sure it consists of brine shrimp, smelt, shellfish, tubifex worms, earthworms, fish and beef. You should also provide a vitamin supplement. Prepared canned foot is okay in a tight spot but not advisable as a long term food source.


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Is a turtle the right pet for you?


Turtle Illnesses

Most turtle illnesses are a result of improper diet and lack of natural sunlight. Always isolate the sick turtle from others.

As a safety precaution new turtles should always be isolated for three months and watched in case disease symptoms arise before placing them in with others.  The common diseases are fungus appearing on the flesh and shell which can usually be taken care of by adding salt to water.


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