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Many of the people like you who have gone on to buy the Turtle Guide Book have contacted me to let me know how much help it was to them. This gives me great satisfaction that my guide is helping people like you all around the world.

In September 2008 I decided to conduct a survey of some of the past customers of the Turtle Guide Book and the results were overwhelmingly positive. As you go through the testimonials below you will also see results from the survey.

Customer Testimonial – Kristy, New Jersey, USA



Testimonial # 1 – Jane and Todd in Illinois, USA


“Our Painted turtle was found in the road, and her tail was damaged. We brought her home and set up a place for her to be. The Turtle Guidebook certainly enlightened us as to the type of home she needs and all about the care and feeding of her.

She was very aggresive when we first brought her home, but now she is getting used to being handled. We have started hand feeding her to get her used to being around humans.

She has laid 5 eggs, two of which are viable. Again, the Guidebook had the answers to all of our questions about the eggs and the baby turtles.

Thank you so very much for making this information available!!



Survey Result: Overall Rating of the Turtle Guide Book


Best Turtle Book

Of the customers surveyed 94% of them rated the Turtle Guide Book as either good or very good with the remaining 6% rating it as average. Not one person surveyed rated the guide as poor or very poor showing the superior quality of the guide.

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Customer Testimonial – William Worth, USA


Testimonial # 3 – Sam, UK

Breeding Turtles“I found the breeding section of the turtle guide very useful because i needed more knowledge on that subject but i revised that knowledge from the guide thanks to you.

Now i have got all i need to know about breeding my turtles and to give really good care to their young and how to look after them.”


Survey Result: Which chapter did you dislike the most?

Best Turtle Book

Despite having the choice of all 14 chapters contained in the Turtle Guide Book, a massive 67% of people surveyed said that they did not dislike any of them.

Of the two most disliked chapters the common turtle profiles got 8% of the votes with people stating the fact they already knew about their turtle as the reason.The other most disliked chapter was breeding turtles (8%) with people choosing this stating they had no desire to breed turtles.

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Video Testimonial – John, USA


Testimonial # 4 – Violet, UK

“This was our first time with a turtle and although we had all the basics, we still didn’t have the experience , so this was really good in helping us get to know more about our turtle.

It is a well thought out guidebook, with lots of information that helped and gave us good advice on what things to feed our turtle and things like that.

A five-star guidebook, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends!


Survey Result: Would you to recommend the guide to a friend?

Best Turtle Book

Of the customers surveyed a massive 97% of people said that they would recommend the Turtle Guide Book to a friend. Only 3% said they would not recommend it and many of these gave the reason that they did not know anyone who owned a turtle.

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Video Testimonial – Maria, Argentina


Testimonial # 7 – Aisleen, Ireland

“I was having problems with one of my turtles not eating, I found that the guide book helped me alot to identify the problem and find solutions to help get my turtle back to good health.


Survey Result: Has the guide helped you….

Helpful Turtle Guide

An amazing 100% of the customers surveyed agreed that the Turtle Guide Book had helped them become more knowledgeable about turtles. In addition 86% felt they could now look after their turtle better and also be able to spot illnesses better than they could previously.

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Video Testimonial – Jedda, USA


Testimonial # 9 – Michelle, Northern Ireland

“I ordered the book because we were considering buying a terrapin for our eldest son. I found the information very useful. Thanks.”


Testimonial # 12 – Joanne, Canada

turtle resource guideWhile there is a great deal of information available on the internet it is, for a turtle owner, valuable to have such a resource guide relating to our unusual pets.

I am very proud to say that my child has a greater understanding and care for animals then most humans and have incorporated your book into his home schooling program”


Video Testimonial – Justin, USA


Testimonial # 17 – Jacky, UK

“I found this book highly interesting and has provided me with more knowledge to keep my turtles happy and healthy.


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Testimonial # 18 – Jane, Bulgaria

“Our Terrapin was found in our garden, we had no prior knowledge of keeping one, so to have the turtle Guide Book has made us so much more confident about keeping it.

As all aspects are covered it is great being able to look up any problem that we might have.

Thank you for producing such a fantastic book”


Video Testimonial – Chandrajit, India


Testimonial # 22 – Arney Milwaukee,WI

“Great guide for the beginner. Gives the very basics needed for keeping a healthy turtle.”


Testimonial # 25 – Kerry, Australia

“I am a single mum and my son and I have the turtles in common we both loved the book we had no idea how many different turtles there are.

So I am glad we can share this together and thank you for writing an excellent informative book!


Testimonial # 27 – Jessica, Australia

“i think it was a great book to read when i was deciding to purchase a turtle or not”


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Testimonial # 30 – Christine, UK

“I was surprized how detailed the information was. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but feel that I am already learning quite a bit.

Keep up the good work. Thanks again.”



Testimonial # 34 – Windy, US

I just loved it all.


Testimonial # 34 – Bill, USA

“I enjoyed going over it with my son for whom I purchased the turtle. I also recommended my brother check out the website since he bought a turtle for his sons too. I’m glad I found your site too as everything that is mentioned in the guide is very informative.”


Testimonial # 37 – Mellissa, Australia

“As a newbie looking at getting a turtle I found these booklets extremely helpful, full of useful information from getting setup to understanding the health and needs of the turtle.

Excellent and informative thank you.


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Testimonial # 38 – David, Canada

“The turtle guide book is a good book i will recommend any one i know that is looking in to getting a turtle. It is a good book that covers all the basic on owning a pet turtle the book covers a lot of common pet turtles.

The turtle care book teach me how to breed my turtles and how to tell is there are sick teh turtle care book is one of the best care books i have ever read and the other one can not compare to the turtle guide book.”


Testimonial # 40 – John, California, USA

“Not knowing much about turtles I found the book very interesting, it was real nice to be able to go down the line and see the different turtles and there profiles, overall a good job”


Testimonial # 41 – Hayley, UK

“Having 3 turtle thrust upon me this book has been invaluble in picking up tips and information to care for my newly aquired water turtles.

Its a must for all new turtle owners.”


Testimonial # 44 – Fiona, UK

“I found the book very helpfully in understanding the turtles i have and how to look for when they have a problem.”


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Testimonial # 46 – Chad, USA

“I found it to be quite useful. It expanded on the knowledege I already had while increasing in areas I had little or no knowledge. Kudos to you!”


Testimonial # 49 – Michael, UK

“I enjoyed this book – I was worried about buying a turtle but thanks to the guide I no longer need to worry!”


Testimonial # 51 – Janet, USA

“We had a turtle that was caught in the wild by a neighbor kid. He lived for 12 years. After reading the Turtle Guide, I forund out he was an ornate box turtle & how we could have cared for him better.

When I get my next turtle, I will be able to better care for it. Thanks”


Testimonial # 50 – Judith, New York, USA

“I like having a book i can look in to in case anything needs to be done in a hurry”


Testimonial # 54 – Grace, N. Carolina, USA

“Having just purchased two baby red-earred sliders on vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina I was very happy to come across the Turtle Guide Books.

Since turtles can be rather sensitive reptiles, it is even more important to know about how to properly care for your lovable reptiles.

Thanks to the Turtle Guide Book my ten year old and I are now able
to find food around the house and keep their tank cleaner

We’ve also made a special little pond in the back yard with rocks on the bottom, where they LOVE to sun themselves. Thanks again for a great book!”


Testimonial # 56 – Trevor, UK

“The Turtle guide book has given me a lot of information to help me get start with turtles and also in the caring of turtles. I now have a better understanding of different species and environments.”


Every one of these testimonials are real and unchanged and shows you just what quality is on offer with my Turtle Guide Book. Every one of the people you have read about above were once in your position – wondering if the guide will help them.

The only difference between them and you is that they took action and ordered to find out. Now it’s your turn to find out how you will benefit and thanks to my full money-back guarantee it’s completely risk free.

$19.95 is less than the cost of a good meal out so do your turtle a favour and order the guide today by clicking the link below.

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