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Turtle Care GuideThere are many people who have a common question, “What kind of turtle do I have?” If you also have this question in mind then you should know more about turtles and turtle breeds.The following section is a useful guide that will help you to determine what species of turtles you have. This is quite essential since every type of turtle has distinct and specific requirements for its survival and well being.With the following guide you will be able to know better about your favorite pet. You will be amazed to know that there are around 300 species of turtles in the world. It is not possible to know about each and every one of them.


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However, below we have outlined and described some of the most common turtle breeds. It will help you to identify your pet’s breed. In this way, you will stop asking the question, “What Kind of Turtle do I have?”

  1. If your turtle has webbed toes that are usually more visible at the rear legs, you will know that it is a semi-aquatic or aquatic water turtle.
  2. If the front legs of your turtle resemble flippers, and you found it on some beach, you can be sure that it is a sea turtle. Ideally, you must call a station of local wildlife rescue for assistance. Such turtle breeds are very common.
  3. If your turtle has a skin that is very smooth and leathery in texture, then you do not need to ask yourself, “What Kind of Turtle do I have?” You will know at once that it is essentially a Soft-shell turtle.
  4. A turtle having a domed and high shell is usually a box turtle.
  5. If your turtle has yellow and red stripes on its legs, it is basically a painted turtle. On the other hand, you will know that it is a red-eared slider one if it is yellow or black in color and has orange or red markings on its cheeks.
  6. If a turtle has an unkeeled and flat carapace with black, red, yellow, or orange markings, you will know instantly that it belongs to the Chrysemys species. Such turtle breeds commonly include painted turtles, sliders and cooters.
  7. A Reeves turtle is one that has a brown or black carapace with 3 distinct ridges and has a skin that is black or olive in color. It is very obvious and you will not be asking, “What Kind of Turtle do I have?”
  8. Turtles having many yellow spots on their carapace are spotted turtles.
  9. If your turtle possesses any of the following characteristics, it will be among the many types of snapping turtle:
    •   Usually black or dark carapace
    •   Long tail, long neck and large head
    •   Webbed back feet or clawed front feet
    •   Relatively small plastron

Therefore, with this guide you will know better about different turtle breeds. Once you identify the breed of your turtle, you will not only stop asking “What Kind of Turtle do I have?” but will also be able to take proper care of your pet after finding out about its specific needs and requirements.


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