Turtle Species

Turtle Care GuideTurtles, commonly described as the marine, brackish- or fresh water reptiles of the order Testudine and super order Chelonia.Following are the characteristic features of a few of them:-Chelydra serpentine (American Snapping Turtle)

Distribution: Nova Scotia to South Alberta and Mexican Gulf.

Size: May grow up to 19 inches; females are smaller than the males.

Weight: Adults in captivity may weigh up to 75 lbs while their wild counterparts may be up to 45 pounds.

Habitat: They like to bury themselves in the underwatermud of warm shallow water bodies, keeping their nostrils and eyes above the surface.

Food habit: Carnivorous

Morphology: Large head, Powerful jaws, brown or tan carapace, elongated tail, small and cross shaped plastron.


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Chrysemis picta (Painted Turtle)

Distribution: Southern Canada and most wide spread Around the Mississippi and in America

Size: May grow about 25 cm; males are smaller than the females.

Habitat: Dwell in fresh, slow moving and shallow water-bodies like lakes, marshes and ponds having under water vegetations.

Food habit: Omnivorous

Behavior: Forage, bask and remain active in the day-time.

Chrysemys scripta elegan (Red Ear Slider) and Chrysemys scripta (Slider Turtle)

Distribution: Southern Brazil, Western part of New Mexico and from Florida to Virginia

Size: About 12 inches; males smaller than female

Habitat: Prefer the fresh, slow moving and shallow lakes, marshes and ponds with dense under water vegetations. Can be a good pet to adopt

Food habit: Omnivorous

Clemys guttata (Spotted Turtle)

Distribution: Found between Florida to Maine

Size: About 4 to 5 inches

Habitat: Shallow and fresh-water-bodies or calm and marshy meadows where they can hide themselves (with head sticking out of the water-surface) in the underwater mud

Food habit: Omnivorous

Clemys insculpta (Wood Turtle)

Distribution: In the Eastern panhandle of Florida

Size: 8 to 10 inches

Habitat: Marshy land or the forest floor

Food habit: Omnivorous

Conservation fact: This species is now endangered due to their culinary popularity among human beings

Chinemys reevesii (Reeves’ Turtle)

Distribution: Japan, Indonesia and South Eastern China

Size: About 7-8 inches

Habitat: Calm fresh-water and brackish-water bodies; can be kept as pets too

Behavior: Active between sun-rise to sun-set

Food habit: Carnivorous

Macroclemys temmincki (Alligator Snapping Turtle)

Distribution: Western Texas, southeast Georgia, north to Iowa and Indiana

Size: Largest fresh water turtle which can grow about 26 inches or more

Weight: About 300 lbs

Habitat: Deep water lakes or rivers

Food habit: Carnivorous

Knowing the type of turtle helps in understanding your pet and its behavior, food habits, etc. better


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