Turtles as Pets

Turtle Care GuideTurtles as pets are an object of fascination for both grown ups and kids.Though keeping turtles is much simpler than keeping other house pets like cats and dogs, it does require giving special attention to your pet and looking after its special needs in regard to their food and habitation.Turtles compared to other animals are known to have a longer life cycle. A baby turtle is very small when purchased but it keeps growing to a considerable size of 10 to12 inches and it has been seen that this becomes a problem when they are kept as pets. Most of the time people having turtles as pets do not have enough area to make the turtle comfortable.For keeping turtles as pets you would be advised to give them as natural surrounding as possible. They also require a large area as contrary to the belief, they like to move around. To make your pet comfortable there should be not only water for it to swim but dry surrounding areas for it to crawl to.

It is important that the temperature of the water as well as its surrounding areas should be maintained so that your pet is comfortable. Special bulb should be fitted to give it UVA and UVB lights. To keep your pet happy the water level of the swimming area should be at least 40 gallon and an area where the turtle can swim about.


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It is very important to remember that turtles are affected by temperature variations especially if they are sudden. To avoid making your turtles sick you must explain this to your kids. Keeping turtles also means to understand their special needs like their hibernation period when they don’t like to be disturbed.

Like all other pets turtles too need to be given special food. When you are keeping turtles for pet you have to provide it with fish, snails, cricket or bananas as is the requirement. The food may differ slightly depending on which breed you have.

Turtles make a lot of mess when they eat. The uneaten food if left unattended collect mold on them. This contaminates the water and surrounding areas. Thus the living area of the pet should be cleaned regularly. To clean the water a filtration unit would be required.

Keeping turtles as pets is quite easy if you know exactly what you have to do. It is a necessity to wash your hand before handling the pet as it may catch some kind of infection.

Similarly to avoid passing off the salmonella disease it is better that you and the kids should wash their hands thoroughly after handling the pet. Turtles like all other house pets enjoy being loved. It is an intelligent animal and understands friendly surroundings. For keeping your turtle happy give it a lot of care and attention.

While you have turtles for pets they should have proper environment and attention from you. Along with the diet if the turtle is cared for it turns out to be a friendly animal which is quite social. It will turn out to be a good source of enjoyment for your family and friends.


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