What do Turtles Eat?

Turtle Care GuideIf you are considering having a pet turtle you must find out what do turtles eat.The most important part is to know which type of turtle you are going to bring home so that turtles diet can be decided.We have to have knowledge of the diet of the particular variety we are getting home.If you are thinking about giving your pet turtle scraps from the table like other pets the idea should be discarded as your turtle is likely to fall sick eating such food.

Also there is very few turtle food available in the market so buying a handy pet food is also difficult. Though there are some food sticks that are available but that can not be enough for your turtles diet.


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Is a turtle the right pet for you?


When we have to decide what do turtles eat we have to take into consideration about the variety we have on hand. There are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores type of turtles. It is natural that when we bring them home they are expected to be fed the same way as they would eat in their natural environment. Mostly the feeding habit of a turtle depends on the kind of habitat they keep. River Cooter turtle eat mostly plant where as Map turtles feed on meat. American box turtle are omnivores whereas Malayan box turtle would eat more of plant and small amount of meat. Red Eared Slider has a habit of eating worms, insects etc. as a baby but starts eating meat as a full grown.

Turtle Book with GuaranteeVariety is the key to your turtles diet as they find enough of food in their natural habitat which are seasonal. Change in their diet keeps the pet turtle happy and healthy too. Take some time to find out what do turtles eat. Like humans turtles too need certain minerals in their body to make them healthy and the only way to give the minerals to them is through turtles diet. Phosphorus, calcium, vitamin D3 is a must for your pet turtle. Most of the turtle diet contains phosphorus so you really don’t have to worry about it that much but calcium is something which has to be given to your turtle as a part of its diet. The pet turtle’s calcium source can be cuttlebone, oyster shell crushed, egg shell which are boiled and then crushed, blocks of plaster.


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Is a turtle the right pet for you?


The only way the calcium will be utilized in your turtle’s body if the calcium is supplemented with vitamin D3. Turtle’s body produces the vitamin under the sun or if it is put under a good light meant for reptiles.

The joint effect of calcium and vitamin3 is what will keep your turtle healthy. If it you feel that your pet is not receiving enough sun light they can be given it orally through some supplement.

When it is time to decide on what do turtles eat it is best to go easy on protein in turtles diet. Give them meat fruit, vegetables and flowers to eat. Some small fish can be released in the water for the pet to hunt and eat the fish just like it would naturally.

It is best to give them clean drinking water and the living area should be cleaned everyday as turtles are messy animals but fall sick quickly in a contaminated environment.


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