Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

What would you call a 10 year old boy who, with a painted face, utters three words hilariously…? Stupidity…? Not really, because it is a great fun for everyone. “I like turtles”…yes that’s what he says randomly during his interview!Meet Jonathon Ware, the entertainment supremo of YouTube, who says nothing but “I like Turtles”! …A celebrity in his own way, with an absolutely absurd dialogue.



Immense credit goes to the internet which gives the viewers a great chance to watch this on and on. This zombie kid reigns in YouTube for just 17 seconds but that leaves a long lasting effect of inanity to be relished thoroughly. Amazing…What do you think…eh?

Watch and enjoy Jonathon’s frivolous rendezvous with Nancy Francis, a KGW correspondent, to see how someone can achieve the status of a celebrity by reciting just three words…“I like turtles”. Believe it or not, even he has been designated as an extraordinarily weird mortal…the ‘Viral-Video’ celebrity!

KGW even tracked him down to do a follow-up interview once they realized over 100,000 people had tuned in to watch ‘Zombie Kid Likes Turtles‘. The interview is below:



Let us reveal the story behind this hysterical history (pun intended) of ‘Jonathon becoming a celebrity’. It was one fine day of 31st May, when Jonathon along with his sisters went for an outing to Portland, Ore to visit the Rose Festival. But he had another plan because he wanted to be a Zombie boy.

So the particular thing he wanted to do was to enter into the face-painting booth. “Hey, Jonathon”, shouted his friends,…“you are exactly looking like Bart Simpson, the flesh eater, in the Dawn of the dead”!…


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Nancy was interviewing people there for the “Look what’s happening downtown”, a popular live show for a local news program.

Fascinated with the awesome and hysterical Zombie like painted face of Jonathon, she stopped him for a while to record a few words. But when the roving camera zoomed upon him, Jonathon initially said nothing and gave a long blank stare!

After sometime, when Nancy asked Jonathon about the secret behind his Zombie look, he looked at her and with a dreary monotone declared – “I like turtles” and created a history…‘never-thought-of’.

Visibly astounded and startled Nancy took a few moments to gather her own self to finally pat Jonathon and say “All right, you are great Zombie…”!

Jonathon, the 10 year old boy with a zombie like appearance,…unobserved so long,…became unmistakably a celebrity in a jiffy, just by pronouncing three uncomplicated words,…“I like turtles”!

Incredible…don’t you think?


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